The Hungry Pigs Review


The whole point of the game is to “capture” the eggs of the enemy birds.  The game controls using the accelerometer to move the pigs around but also uses the touch screen for certain abilities.  Some of those would be making the yellow pig fly or making a pig jump or even making the green pig accelerate.  In the first world techniques are slowly shown to the player and the game is really fun.  Another type of bird is added later on and just adds to the depth of the game.  I can only assume the game adds more birds in the other worlds but I would not know as I got stuck on the last level of world one which just so happened to be 1-14.  Getting stuck is not like in games such as Demon Souls or Dark Souls where it is plainly the player’s fault and shows why it happened so the player can correct it.  Rather this type of getting stuck is where the player will have no idea how to improve what they are doing and want to throw their phone out the freaking window.

Level Select

Yeah I never got to those other worlds.

However when the player is not stuck for hours at a time the game is quite fun.  The levels are usually cleverly designed and are a blast to play through.  The game does involve some planning as certain birds will be better suited to getting certain eggs.  There is a slight story to this game and the premise is that before the birds were angry the pigs were hungry.  Which references the bird’s eggs being stolen in Angry Birds.  Luckily the gameplay is plenty different from that game.  The game is also very pretty and has a great zoom out feature.


It really does look great and has a fantastic zoom feature.

With later worlds being able to be unlocked and more levels in the future want to make me feel as though if I keep playing I will eventually beat that level but upon starting it up I am immediately crushed.  Luckily I have received word from the developer that they are making the levels more accessible which would be great and would probably make me attempt to finish the game and add to this review and or change the score.  Until then my review stands although I hope at some point I can revise it.

This game receives a 7.5



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