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What I Have Been Learning!

I have been using two books for me to start learning the language objective-c.  In case you did not know that is what is used to make iPhone/iPad apps.  The books are Objective-C for iPhone Developers by James A Brannan and Objective-C Programming by Aaron Hillegass.  Both are great and I am going from one to the other pretty frequently.  I really have barely mastered the basics but what I have learned I consider to be at the very least progress.  Things such as ints and floats (things for numbers) and how NSLog is for text to appear.  The book by Mr. Hillegass starts off with teaching basic C since objective-c is subset of the C language.  Next up in the one book is loops and in the other is objects.  Although I am thinking of starting anew in the book by Hillegass or maybe just attempt to finish the one by Brannan first.  I know this might not be the most entertaining read but it is just a quick update on things I actually feel as though I have mastered.

On the other hand I thought up another game idea but do not really feel as though it work on iPhone without an actual controller for buttons.  I have a few more on the back burner for games too but I really shouldn’t get ahead of myself as I have only just scratched the surface of learning, if you could even call it that.


Links for the books: