How to Draw Review

The app How to Draw is a great app for peopling that want to learn how to draw but only if the user has a great interest in Spongebob.  The person teaching throughout the app really does a passion for drawing and loves knowing he is helping other people learn.  The guy is Ken O’Brian and as he says he is a major Spongebob fan which is fantastic since almost all the chapters have to do with learning either characters or environments from the show.  He also tells the user that he has worked on actual Spongebob games (which were not really good at all) but that is not his fault since he only did the art for them.  Which actually looked pretty good.  Not to mention the interface looks fantastic.

Main Menu

I love the look of this.

I came into this app pretty much having absolutely no ability to draw and by the end of the lessons I actually felt as though I accomplished something.  The app can either be used with standard pencil and paper, which I used, or a tablet device with a stylus.  Which basically means as long as the user pays the 2 dollars for the app and have pieces of paper in their home there are no restrictions to their learning.  The app lets the user check of videos as the go once they finish a video which leads to a nice ability to see what pace the user is going through the videos.  That said the videos cannot only be watched once to completely understand what is going on as with anything being learned practice truly does make perfect.  The videos are on youtube but the user has the ability to download all of them which is great as it allows people that do not have wifi at the moment or want to use there 3g which means the user can learn at any time.

There are 7 individual chapters each with a multitude of videos within.  The first chapter is just a quick introduction to the app and then 2 through 5 are all about learning to draw the different facets of the show Spongebob and chapter 7 is all about learning to draw things from the movie Lion King.  The chapters do build on each other and it really does help the user learn how to draw things from Spongebob.  By the end of this I could actually look at my work and not feel like throwing it immediately in the trash and more felt as though I could improve but at the same time see how far I came from when I first started the app.  That said the app really will only prod the user forward and wanting to learn if they do not completely hate Spongebob.

Chapter Select

Plenty of chapters but not to many topics for the user.

This app receives a 9


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