Kung Fu Car Review

Kung Fu Car is a simple avoid the cars type game with accelerometer controls.  That said the controls feel almost sluggish and unresponsive while at the same time being fast.  This is due to the fact that it will take a little while for the game to recognize the players movements but once it does it zips the player’s car across lanes often faster than the player ever wanted.  The game also seems to have a bit of an identity crisis too.  The menus and level select screens and intro are all in landscape mode but then the actual game is in portrait mode this might seem like a small complaint but really it gets old quickly especially when those menus easily could have been in portrait mode.  I mean come-on even the loading screens leading up until the game actually starts are in portrait.

There are four levels in the game.  Each of the four are at a different location but the pretty much play the same.  There some slight differences though such as in the level Broken Bridge the player has to hit the ramps or they will “fall” off of the bridge.  The levels also all look slightly different but it really does not add much to the game.  Often times the obstacles are in neither of the two lanes causing for some awkward last second decisions being made.  There is also a health bar so rather then once the player hits something the game is ended they can consistently hit things and the game will continue for at least a little while longer.  It adds an interesting spice to a game that feels quite stale.  In the level Rocky Mountains there is also a helicopter that chases after the player’s car.  Rather than is be an interesting add-in it feels like a cheap way to end the game as the grenades it throws are given no warning in advance and I could find no way to dodge them.

This game receives a 5

*Sorry for their being no pictures but the device I was using for the review would only display them in portrait mode which took away from what I was trying to show*


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