NoteLock Review

NoteLock does what exactly what is says it will do…for the most part that is.  The app has a simple design with an easy to use login screen.  But after things get a little strange.

Main Menu

No way I'm telling you people my password!

I mean the user only has the ability to have one note at a time I mean yes it is possible to hit enter to differentiate from notes but the feature to have more than one would be nice.  Figuring out how to edit the note is pretty easy as all it takes is a quick tap of the edit button and then yet another quick tap in the note itself to finally get started editing.  The ability to change the user’s password also must be accessed from a tap of the edit button.

The only other problem I personally had with NoteLock was that it did not import my old notes.  I am sure it would have taken some extra time to figure it out but to me it would have been worth it to have.  Wether it just put a password on the actual Apple Note app or imported the notes themselves, either way would have been sufficient.  Other than my few complaints the app really does not do anything wrong and manages to do everything with a simple look.  If someone would be looking for an app that puts a password on notes than this is certainly a viable option.

This app receives a 7.5


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