Cut Da Cheese Review

Cut Da Cheese is another mini-game except this one makes the player think.  The goal of the game is to cut various shapes of cheeses into equal portions for up to 5 mice.  The player is under a time limit until the cat comes out to eat the mice.  This ups the ante and makes the challenge even more real.  There are achievements but I personally was not good enough to earn any of them.  Sometimes I even found the cheese to be almost impossible to split evenly.


How do I do this???

The game has only one mode which means the game can not really be played for long periods of time.  Which means the game is best played when one is waiting for a meeting to start or standing in line for the bus.  With multiple modes the game would have much greater replayability.  The game tries to spice it up with things were the only goal is to cut a thing of cheese into at least 16 pieces.  That being said a mode dedicated to something like that such as maybe trying to make the smallest slice of cheese and so forth.  As with this developers other game I can not help but feel that the game would be better if it was in a mini-game collection maybe even with Flock Da Sheep.


More things like this would have been great.

Everything about the game is fun and creative but ultimatly that is not enough to save it from feeling like just another mini-game.

This app recieves a 7.5


Flock Da Sheep Review

Flock Da Sheep is a game that hinged on its achievements.  My only reason to continually play was to try to unlock just a few more achievements.  Although there are only 5 achievements and are all based on score they provided enough reason for me to keep playing.


Only 5 achievements here...

The game has a simple premise with only four different colors of sheep resulting in only 4 pens in which to put the sheep.  The sheep are dragged into their pens and that is about all that happens in this game.  The game does not really have a lot of depth but is still a lot of fun.  The pens in which the sheep are put are switched around each time so the player must be aware of which sheep go where.  Upon reaching a fairly high score a coyote appears and he scares the sheep.  I believe the coyote only scares the sheep but I am not really sure if he eats them or not causing the player to lose a life.  Which makes for some confusion when he appears on the screen.


Make sure you know which sheep go where.

That said the game is fun but only in a short bursts.  I would highly recommend the game for younger gamers as they are more likely to want to play for longer periods of time.  This game feels as though it would be great in a mini-game collection and not just as a stand alone title.

This app receives a 7

Fake Caller Pro Review

Fake Caller Pro is an app that does everything all the other apps of this nature do but then does a few things I have not seen before.  Like every other app of this nature the app lets the user choose a name of the person calling, type of phone (cell,iPhone,etc), and shows the standard iPhone call screen.  The ringtones are nothing extraordinary and the “Schedule a Call” button seems almost pointless since the time the call goes off can be set in the “Caller Options” button.  Not to mention the fact that the background of the app is a basic color that can be easily selected in xcode.  It would have been nice to see them go the extra mile and least let the user be able to customize the background or have something more interesting than baby blue.


Nothing new here.

Being able to set when the call will go off is a fantastic feature.  I used this app today, on my friends, and it worked like a charm.  I simply set the call to go off a minute later and no one knew.  I simply pretended it was the person who we were expecting a call from.  The only disadvantage is the app must be open and the iDevice can not be in sleep mode but other than that there is no other problem with something completely optional.

Standard Screen

This made the app for me.

Unfortunately this is all the app does to set itself apart from the other apps of this nature.  Luckily the app works great but only is worth the price as a gag to someone who plans on using the app for multiple occasions.

This app receives a 7

“Free Music Download Pro Premiere: – Free Music & Audio Downloader with Player Review

For the sake of the review I am just going to refer to this app as Music Download rather than type out the nice long title every time.  The app is nothing that has not been seen before and at the end of the day feels quite underwhelming.

The app has the standard browser that most apps of this nature have there is nothing unique or really special about the interface.  Once a song is found downloading it is a strange process that seems as though the developer had never seen an app of this nature before.  This is due to the fact that the only thing that appears when the song is being downloaded is a progress bar no ____ mb out of ____ mb or even a download progress indicator.  This is a strange decision as it makes determining how long a song has left to download complete guess work.


Complete guess work going on here.

The actual player is supposed to be revolutionary in that it is possible to change songs and such without having to look down to view the button placement.  Instead I found myself to actually swipe the buttons causing an unintended button to be hit and the wrong action to occur.

Play Screen
Not really that revolutionary.

Overall this app not only barely toes the line with the standard of these types of apps it also makes the supposed revolution difficult for someone like me.  This app is just an average version of this genre and nothing to spectacular is done.

This app receives a 6.5

*This site in no way condones illegal activities.  There are legal sites that can be used to download music using this app’s features and the site highly recommends those methods are used.*

The Hungry Pigs Review


The whole point of the game is to “capture” the eggs of the enemy birds.  The game controls using the accelerometer to move the pigs around but also uses the touch screen for certain abilities.  Some of those would be making the yellow pig fly or making a pig jump or even making the green pig accelerate.  In the first world techniques are slowly shown to the player and the game is really fun.  Another type of bird is added later on and just adds to the depth of the game.  I can only assume the game adds more birds in the other worlds but I would not know as I got stuck on the last level of world one which just so happened to be 1-14.  Getting stuck is not like in games such as Demon Souls or Dark Souls where it is plainly the player’s fault and shows why it happened so the player can correct it.  Rather this type of getting stuck is where the player will have no idea how to improve what they are doing and want to throw their phone out the freaking window.

Level Select

Yeah I never got to those other worlds.

However when the player is not stuck for hours at a time the game is quite fun.  The levels are usually cleverly designed and are a blast to play through.  The game does involve some planning as certain birds will be better suited to getting certain eggs.  There is a slight story to this game and the premise is that before the birds were angry the pigs were hungry.  Which references the bird’s eggs being stolen in Angry Birds.  Luckily the gameplay is plenty different from that game.  The game is also very pretty and has a great zoom out feature.


It really does look great and has a fantastic zoom feature.

With later worlds being able to be unlocked and more levels in the future want to make me feel as though if I keep playing I will eventually beat that level but upon starting it up I am immediately crushed.  Luckily I have received word from the developer that they are making the levels more accessible which would be great and would probably make me attempt to finish the game and add to this review and or change the score.  Until then my review stands although I hope at some point I can revise it.

This game receives a 7.5


Tapeulator Contractor Review

Tapeulator Contractor is a ruler or a yard stick in everyone’s back pocket but rather something huge sticking out of someones pocket it is just their phone.  When entering a measurement the interface looks almost exactly like the standard calculator app with some slight differences.  One of these differences would be the ability to use feet, inches, or centimeters which is nice as it makes the apps have versatility all over the world.


This really does look like the standard calculator app.

Upon entering a distance the user is taken to a “ruler”.  The ruler will tell what that measurement is in feet, inches, and centimeters no matter what the original measurement the user inputted was.  It will also show the measurement on the “ruler”.  Unfortunately that is all there is to the app.  There is no way to move the ruler to scroll around different measurements although the ruler can be put into landscape mode which does not really add much to the experience.  There really is not much to do with this app unless there is already a measurement in the user’s head.


It looks nice but there isn't much here.

Overall the app is really nice and clever but only provides as much versatility for someone who would constantly be using an app like this.

This app receives a 6

Susan Says Review

Susan Says is really Simon Says except without all the body movement and tricks by whoever “Simon” is.  The game only has 7 different tasks it can throw at the player ranging from tapping to flipping the screen to even shaking the device.  The gameplay is exceedingly simple and anyone can enjoy this game although I would only highly recommend this game for young children.

The game shows a picture of the action, has the text of the action, and will even say the action out loud for whoever is playing.  This makes the game great for kids who can not read yet and will hear the words and see them on the screen almost like a reading mini-game within an actual game.  It will also help a young child with their comprehension skills and being able to react to directions.  Unfortunately for those of us past this stage in our life the game is fun but only for a short while.  The game really is perfect for parents with children on the young side of life and is a great purchase for them.

The interface is clean and simple but at the same time amazingly fast and reactive and never missed a beat.  The game recognizes ever input immediately and the player can never complain that the reason they lost was because the computer had not realized they had in fact inputted the correct command.  The game is also pleasing to look at and never becomes a sore on the eyes.


I really do love this design.

I personally found the countdown to take a bit to long for my liking and rather when should have felt like 3 seconds felt more like 10 but that is a small complaint in the grand scheme of life and the only real problem is that this game will only keep the little ones in our lives to not want to stop playing while not providing much for the older ones.


This really did take forever.

This game receives a 7.5