RAVN Events Review

First thing to note is that RAVN Events is free so everyone should check it out but I will review it just to make sure it is worth people’s time to download and after all I was asked by the developer to review it.  The basic premise of the app is to find local events happening near the user.  Granted this is only really useful if the user lives in a big area where there are things of this nature are regularly occurring.  The things I am talking about are food events to parades to movie showings.

Where I live these events are not really all that frequent but it is easy enough to change the location.  All the user has to do is simply change the location by typing in it in a search bar which will then find events in the area that the user has chosen.  I personally changed it to New York City and let me tell everyone reading this there is a heck of a lot going on there. Its really remarkable to see how much actually goes on cities that some people might not even know about.  Not to mention that under each event the user can see people that also want to participate in that certain event.  That really is all the app does but then what more could a person ask for.

Movie Event

I loved finding random events that seemed awesome.

The interface is certainly beautiful and sophisticated and works fantastically.  As long as the user lives in a large city this app should always be in their rotation.  Even if a person lives nowhere near a large enough city for this to be of use they should still check it out since its FREE!

This app receives a 9


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