Cut Da Cheese Review

Cut Da Cheese is another mini-game except this one makes the player think.  The goal of the game is to cut various shapes of cheeses into equal portions for up to 5 mice.  The player is under a time limit until the cat comes out to eat the mice.  This ups the ante and makes the challenge even more real.  There are achievements but I personally was not good enough to earn any of them.  Sometimes I even found the cheese to be almost impossible to split evenly.


How do I do this???

The game has only one mode which means the game can not really be played for long periods of time.  Which means the game is best played when one is waiting for a meeting to start or standing in line for the bus.  With multiple modes the game would have much greater replayability.  The game tries to spice it up with things were the only goal is to cut a thing of cheese into at least 16 pieces.  That being said a mode dedicated to something like that such as maybe trying to make the smallest slice of cheese and so forth.  As with this developers other game I can not help but feel that the game would be better if it was in a mini-game collection maybe even with Flock Da Sheep.


More things like this would have been great.

Everything about the game is fun and creative but ultimatly that is not enough to save it from feeling like just another mini-game.

This app recieves a 7.5


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