Flock Da Sheep Review

Flock Da Sheep is a game that hinged on its achievements.  My only reason to continually play was to try to unlock just a few more achievements.  Although there are only 5 achievements and are all based on score they provided enough reason for me to keep playing.


Only 5 achievements here...

The game has a simple premise with only four different colors of sheep resulting in only 4 pens in which to put the sheep.  The sheep are dragged into their pens and that is about all that happens in this game.  The game does not really have a lot of depth but is still a lot of fun.  The pens in which the sheep are put are switched around each time so the player must be aware of which sheep go where.  Upon reaching a fairly high score a coyote appears and he scares the sheep.  I believe the coyote only scares the sheep but I am not really sure if he eats them or not causing the player to lose a life.  Which makes for some confusion when he appears on the screen.


Make sure you know which sheep go where.

That said the game is fun but only in a short bursts.  I would highly recommend the game for younger gamers as they are more likely to want to play for longer periods of time.  This game feels as though it would be great in a mini-game collection and not just as a stand alone title.

This app receives a 7


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