Fake Caller Pro Review

Fake Caller Pro is an app that does everything all the other apps of this nature do but then does a few things I have not seen before.  Like every other app of this nature the app lets the user choose a name of the person calling, type of phone (cell,iPhone,etc), and shows the standard iPhone call screen.  The ringtones are nothing extraordinary and the “Schedule a Call” button seems almost pointless since the time the call goes off can be set in the “Caller Options” button.  Not to mention the fact that the background of the app is a basic color that can be easily selected in xcode.  It would have been nice to see them go the extra mile and least let the user be able to customize the background or have something more interesting than baby blue.


Nothing new here.

Being able to set when the call will go off is a fantastic feature.  I used this app today, on my friends, and it worked like a charm.  I simply set the call to go off a minute later and no one knew.  I simply pretended it was the person who we were expecting a call from.  The only disadvantage is the app must be open and the iDevice can not be in sleep mode but other than that there is no other problem with something completely optional.

Standard Screen

This made the app for me.

Unfortunately this is all the app does to set itself apart from the other apps of this nature.  Luckily the app works great but only is worth the price as a gag to someone who plans on using the app for multiple occasions.

This app receives a 7


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