Susan Says Review

Susan Says is really Simon Says except without all the body movement and tricks by whoever “Simon” is.  The game only has 7 different tasks it can throw at the player ranging from tapping to flipping the screen to even shaking the device.  The gameplay is exceedingly simple and anyone can enjoy this game although I would only highly recommend this game for young children.

The game shows a picture of the action, has the text of the action, and will even say the action out loud for whoever is playing.  This makes the game great for kids who can not read yet and will hear the words and see them on the screen almost like a reading mini-game within an actual game.  It will also help a young child with their comprehension skills and being able to react to directions.  Unfortunately for those of us past this stage in our life the game is fun but only for a short while.  The game really is perfect for parents with children on the young side of life and is a great purchase for them.

The interface is clean and simple but at the same time amazingly fast and reactive and never missed a beat.  The game recognizes ever input immediately and the player can never complain that the reason they lost was because the computer had not realized they had in fact inputted the correct command.  The game is also pleasing to look at and never becomes a sore on the eyes.


I really do love this design.

I personally found the countdown to take a bit to long for my liking and rather when should have felt like 3 seconds felt more like 10 but that is a small complaint in the grand scheme of life and the only real problem is that this game will only keep the little ones in our lives to not want to stop playing while not providing much for the older ones.


This really did take forever.

This game receives a 7.5


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  1. Weh, need to crack Premiere Pro.


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