BrainPicker : Reece Mastin Review

BrainPicker : Reece Mastin is a trivia game.  A trivia game centered not only on one topic but on one person who has only lived 17 years of their life.  This causes the game to based on such obscure information that I am not even sure the most hard core fan would know.  And if in case someone would not know Reece Mastin is a younger singer (I did not know this until I read the bio of him).

I read the Bio on the app and his life sounds pretty interesting I suppose but other than that it in no way prepared me for the actual quiz.  The quiz asks questions such as “What was his second tattoo?” or “What is his middle name?”,  things that we not even mentioned in the bio.  Heck, I am not even sure how they know they would have had to do some major sleuthing to find some of this info out.  There is also a Video tab with 2 videos both not really worth watching.  The quiz itself is sound.  All the buttons work and the correct notification appears upon getting it right or wrong, not that it mattered to me as over half off my answers were random guesses.  Not to mention the app will not even tell the player what the correct answer is thereby eliminating any chance off learning anything from the game.

Wrong Answer

I saw this way to frequently.

Overall I can only actually recommend this app to the most hardcore Reece Mastin fans.  I did learn things about him but nothing I could not have found on Wikipedia with little trouble.  To anyone who has never heard of this young man, stay away from this app because the trivia will greatly confuse any player.

This app receives a 4


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