Drop Dem Review

Drop Dem has an extremely basic premise.  The whole point of the game is to knock fruit off of a tree so a creature on the bottom can collect them, the creature will show a picture of the fruit he wants knocked down.  Knocking down a fruit is done via a downward swipe.  The player is given only 60 seconds to rack up as high of a score as they can.  There are less than 10 fruit and only about 4 types per level which can lead to seeing the same fruit quite often but having more would not have added anything to the game.   The trees do change color and size occasionally too although this does not change the gameplay at all.

Game Screen

Get used to seeing those fruit plus a few others.

That said, the game is really addictive and the game benefits largely from the use of achievements in Game Center. Giving it the sense that in only a few more games and the next achievement will get unlocked which was a constant motivator for me.  The gameplay is so simple that anyone can do it which makes it a great game to get people involved in gaming on an iDevice.

That said there is some slight strategy to the game.  At the beginning of each start-up there is the ability to buy ” power ups” which can multiply a player’s score by two, make fruit fall, etc, etc.  They are bought with money that is gained from playing the game.  On some of the fruit a small yellow leaf is noticed and if that fruit is knocked off money will be added to the player’s “bank”.

With the game being so simple there are some problems.  Some players might tire of the very simple gameplay mechanics while others might accuse the game of being to casual.  There is a free version to those who are hesitant and those who do try the game should play for about half hour and then decide on a verdict.

This game receives an 8


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