Ice Wings: Skies of Steel Review

Ice Wings is just one of those magical games that made me lose track of time.  When the player dies it would instantly tell me what score was achieved and how much money I made and then give me a replay button.  I pressed that button so many times and do not regret any of it.

This game is a lot like the standard “jump” game that so heavily populates the App Store but that does not lessen this game’s quality at all.  While it has similarities with that genre it provides some things that they have not.  For instance this game is one of the most graphically intensive of the genre and everything looks beautiful minus the water.  The game is more of a third person perspective rather than a flat type of perspective as seen in Doodle Jump.  This provides times where the game is sped up so much that the player literally can not blink unless they wish to die.  The killing of enemy unit types also provides for some satisfying gameplay.  Each unit is worth a different amount of money and the money flows quickly so soon the player will have enough for whatever plane they were saving up for, unfortunately there are only three planes so an average player will have them all unlocked probably within a week of playing.  Although for some odd reason the most expensive plane has the exact same stats as the cheapest plane and the only difference is that it looks cooler.

There are a ton of control options for this game, it has 5 options, and even has a left hand/right hand button positioning option.  I personally preferred the Large Shoot Button option but it is possible to play with the accelerometer.  The control schemes all work well but each one will work better for a different type of player.

Control Schemes

So many choices.

There is absolutely no story to this game.  If that is what someone would be looking for, do NOT purchase this game there are other games that have a story and players will find a much more fulfilling story in those games.  For some reason the game also does not include Game Center.  This is a odd decision as the game is basically based entirely off of scores but the player will only be able to see the top 10 scores on their device.  Having Game Center leader boards would make it easier to compete with friends and provide a reason to continually play once all the planes have been unlocked.  The only other slight problem is the water below the plane looks as though it is made out of colored paper.  Even with those problems the game is still a blast to play and something that people should not pass up.  My personal biggest problem was the lack of Game Center support which could always be remedied in a future update.


I just do not like the look of that water.

 This app receives a 9


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  1. Posted by John Pedophile on January 27, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    Sooo many grammatical errors


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  3. If you mean how long I have been running the blog then about 2 weeks. Thanks for your support hope you keep visiting.


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