Activity Monitor – device activity monitor Review

This app seemed awesome upon downloading it and opening it up.  I knew it looked like a circuit board which fascinates me and would have actually motivated me to use the app on a regular basis.  Unfortunately some weird design choices led me to closing the app and think what could have been.

This app has a wealth of information the user just has to know where to find it.  There is capacity, processor, internet, memory, hardware, system, and battery.  All capacity does is pull up a pie chart that shows how much free memory there is versus used memory on the device.  It also tells the user how many songs, albums, and photos there are on the device.  Processor is pretty confusing.  At first look it appears as though this section of the app tells the user how much battery the apps in the background are using because it showed this app’s information in minutes and such and the app I was last in.  But upon further investigation I realized that I had not heard of most of the things such as APSD and ROSNOTIFYD.  Maybe someone out in the world knows what those are but the common user will not.

Weird Info

What is this?

The internet portion is next.  All it does is show how many devices are using the wifi that the device the user is using is on.  It also gives the ips.  Memory comes up with a line graph and another pie chart.  The pie chart shows how much active memory is being used, how much inactive memory, free memory, wired, and then other.  The line graph just reiterates the pie chart.  Hardware shows what built in apps the user’s device has built in.  System is simply the device’s name and version and a couple other asinine details.

The battery to me is the most disappointing feature.  It gives the user the battery’s percentage and no other information.  The user can find out the times remaining for various things but has to slide a bar to the percent that the device tells the user. Unlike every other app this battery tracker makes the user do the dirty work.


Yes, I know I am lazy so do not have a slider to make me figure out my information.

This app provides a lot of information but in the long run all it did was make me question why do I need to know all this information.  All I wanted was a battery tracker and this app makes me hunt for the information.  All the other information does not take away from the app as anyone could want it and it really does make the user more aware of their device but about 90 percent of the app store user base probably does not care about what ROSNOTIFYD is.  It seems like they could have focused more attention on not forcing the user to move a slider to find information when it already gives the battery percentage then giving a user the ips which they can easily find on their computer.

This app receives a 7.5


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