GeoShare Review

At first glance GeoShare appears to just be another map app but once a location is added there are some cool features although most of the rest of the app’s features have been done before. When viewing the map there are the usual map tools.  Such as viewing the map via standard, satellite, or hybrid.  Hybrid is my favorite as it brings the best of both standard and satellite.  There is also the ability to change the distance unit from miles to kilometers and vice versa.  While those things are nice they are not something I have never seen before.

What is something I have never seen before however is what happens once the user finds a location and saves it to the app.  It will give the user different tabs to hit upon it being saved.  One is Get Directions which I find to be extremely useful.  Another tab says Share Location but more on that later.  And finally the last tab says Show on Map and that is where a weird decision lies.  To the immediate right there is a moveable map in which the destination can be seen making it seem pointless to press the Show on Map button.  There is also a place to add notes on the bottom which is pretty self explanatory.  It is also nice that they have button dedicated to contacting the developer if a bug is found or the user has a question or suggestion.

The major feature through out the app though is to be able to share your location.  At least to me this feature seems a little pointless because when asked if the user wants to share their location a good amount of the places to share it already have a feature on their website or their own apps that do this.  Such as Facebook I know has this feature while some of the others seem almost pointless like email or text.  I mean why email wouldn’t the person just tell them where to meet them at.  Also, there is a slight problem after leaving the app and coming back occasionally the map type is back to standard even though the slider is at hybrid or satellite.

Share Location

Why have this?

Overall the decision to include sharing ones location does not detract from the experience of using the app.  It is something that can be completely avoided if wanted as I did after testing it out.  Unfortunately minus the nice little map in the location description not much as been added to this then the standard map app.  If the user plans on sharing their location frequently then I can think of no other map app to recommend.

This app receives an 8.0


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