Currency Converter Pro Review

This app does exactly what it says it does which is convert currency from one type to another.  While there a ton of apps on the App Store that do this none do it quite as prettily as this one.  The leather look makes it pleasing to look at and makes having to convert currency a generally nice experience.

Beautiful Leather Look

It really does look amazing.

Besides the look, one of the best things to me about this app is that it requires no wifi or 3g to be available for it to convert the money.  When I tested this I was stunned to find it worked offline and that there was no difference in usability between being online and offline.  Another fantastic thing about this app is that there is no lag.  As soon as the user types in the desired amount it will instantaneously convert and will be just as fast when the type of currency is changed.

The only problem I ever encountered while using the app was my own stupidity.  I personally am not smart enough to know what currencies HKD or INR are.  I am sure someone out there knows what they are but not me.  It would have been nice to have an option to have the currencies unabbreviated or if held down the full  name appears like in the current iOS when the user is in Apple’s Music App.

Full text in Apple's Music app

It would be great if this app did this for the abbreviations.

There really isn’t to much to be said about this sort of app.  If a person would ever need a currency converter type app I would highly recommend this one.  After all if a person is going to be using a currency converter app frequently I would hope they use one that looks fantastic.

This app receives a 9


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