Search Around Review

Search Around is one of those apps where I did not see the usefulness in it until I actually started to use it and upon using it decided it was something I could not live with out.  The premise of the app is taking your location and then giving you categories of various things such as banks, restaurants, and gas stations and then finding things in those categories near your current location.  There is also the ability to add your own categories.  I tested this by adding GameStop and I experienced no hiccups or flaws with the app finding the ones near me.

Search Around does much more than just finding places that fit what was searched for.  By simply clicking on the business it will take you to a menu with all the information a person could ever need.  It will give the phone number, the address, directions to and from the establishment, a built in call button, and even a button that will take the user to reviews of the establishment.  This app will really help for finding anything a person could ever need on a long road trip and all the things to do once the person would get to their destination.

One of the biggest flaws though is that the app will only recognize where the user is, making it impossible to input an address to look up for future reference.  This disappointed me personally because I went on a mini vacation last week and was hoping to find the restaurants I had dined at so I could read their reviews.  Another slight flaw it had was the menu looked extremely boring.  It was just a plain white background with black text over laying it.  Some customization would have been nice such as being able to use a personal picture as the background or maybe even changing the font color.

Boring Menu

Incredibly useful, incredibly boring interface.

The only other slight problem is that it sometimes confuses what is something and what is not something.  What I mean by this is that in the Parks category for instance it adds an intersection where one of the roads is called Park Ave.  I live in the area so I recognize the mistake but someone who is new to the area and is using this app might not know and waste their time looking for a mythical park.

Overall this app is a solid experience and completely lives up to its name.  The problem with the boring interface is a personal problem and does not affect the users experience to much.  The other problems are fairly important but not to life altering.  The options the user is given with location are tremendous and vastly out weigh the bad, being able to see reviews of restaurants is awesome especially when not from the area.  Being able to call and get directions is a major plus too.  This app will stay right where it is on my iDevices and will be used regularly whenever I am away from home.

This app receives an 8.5


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