Hollow Grounds Review

Hollow Grounds is a recently released iOS game currently on sale for 99 cents and I wholeheartedly recommend picking it up.  The game controls entirely using the accelerometer and only uses touch for menu navigation and starting a level.  It took me a while to get used to the controls and when I first loaded the game up I had such difficulty I had to close the game and do something else.  If you face the same challenge I had at first do not give up because you will be missing out on a great game.

There are 25 “caves” and they get increasingly hard as you go.   The caves slowly start to unveil new mechanics that are added as the player progresses although they never mess with the control scheme.  The game is rather intuitive.  For instance when a loop de loop is coming up or a sharp left or right turn is in the not so distant future.  A little box will show up showing the layout of the obstacle but at the same time will not obstruct the players view of the game.  There is no tutorial as everything is self-explanatory but some things could take a few tries to get used to.

The dreaded loop de loop.

Example of intuitive warnings.

The game is one of the most beautiful games I have seen on iOS.  The game has a simple look to it but at the same time looks like something I have not seen recently.  The colors can be vibrant and dark and for the majority use various hues of blue and black except when crossing the finish line in which case you will be greeted by an array of warm colors.

The very pretty graphics :D

Definitely one of the prettiest iOS games in a while

There is a story for those interested although that was not my motivation for beating the game.  Even without my interest in the story the conclusion was still shocking and ended with a twist I had no idea was coming.

Even though for the majority of the game was smooth sailing I still have a few gripes.  One of these would be that every so often I would have to restart my device due to the fact that the game kept crashing.  This was rather annoying because oftentimes it would crash right near the end of a level.  I only had to do this twice though.  Also, I believe it was on cave 24 there was a loss of gravity meaning that it sucked me towards the wall, which would usually be fault, and then take me through the wall and out the other side to a floating void.  This happened a few times on that level but never occurred on any other level.  The only other compliant I have is that when you die it shows what direction to hold the screen which is a fantastic idea except when it does not go away causing me not to be able to see any of the notifications warning  me of what was ahead.  This problem also only occurred a few times.

Overall this game is fantastic.  If you are willing to learn an interesting take on controls this game will be very rewarding.  If you don’t like accelerometers this is not the game for you.  The good in this game vastly out weighs the bad.  Not to mention all the bad is most likely just bugs that can be fixed in a future update.

Hollow Grounds receives a 9.5


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